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105 TrueORF belong to pathway "amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism"


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RC202004NM_002676PMM1PMM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphomannomutase 1 (PMM1)Immediate
RC219169NM_003465CHIT1CHIT1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human chitinase 1 (chitotriosidase) (CHIT1)Immediate
RC233892NM_001258001CHIACHIA (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens chitinase, acidic (CHIA), transcript variant 513 week
RC205771NM_002633PGM1PGM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC217552NM_007326CYB5R3CYB5R3 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human cytochrome b5 reductase 3 (CYB5R3), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC232979NM_001199917PGM3PGM3 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens phosphoglucomutase 3 (PGM3), transcript variant 13 week
RC233642NM_001200056NPLNPL (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens N-acetylneuraminate pyruvate lyase (dihydrodipicolinate synthase) (NPL), transcript variant 313 week
RC233733NM_001040623CHIACHIA (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens chitinase, acidic (CHIA), transcript variant 313 week
RC201592NM_000398CYB5R3CYB5R3 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human cytochrome b5 reductase 3 (CYB5R3), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC221549NM_201653CHIACHIA (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human chitinase, acidic (CHIA), transcript variant 4Immediate
RC229949NM_001172819PGM1PGM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1), transcript variant 33 week
RC232124NM_001270881GNPDA2GNPDA2 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase 2 (GNPDA2), transcript variant 33 week
RC232257NM_001270880GNPDA2GNPDA2 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase 2 (GNPDA2), transcript variant 23 week
RC232342NM_001258332GALTGALT (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase (GALT), transcript variant 23 week
RC232527NM_001199328FPGTFPGT (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens fucose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase (FPGT), transcript variant 33 week
RC236351NM_001199329FPGTFPGT (myc-DDK-tagged) - Human fucose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase (FPGT), transcript variant 22 week
RC200113NM_017567NAGKNAGK (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human N-acetylglucosamine kinase (NAGK)Immediate
RC200149NM_013335GMPPAGMPPA (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase A (GMPPA), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC200186NM_021971GMPPBGMPPB (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human GDP-mannose pyrophosphorylase B (GMPPB), transcript variant 22 week
RC200472NM_000162GCKGCK (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human glucokinase (hexokinase 4) (GCK), transcript variant 1Immediate


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