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143 TrueORF belong to pathway "glycolysis / gluconeogenesis"


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RC204750NM_000670ADH4ADH4 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human alcohol dehydrogenase 4 (class II), pi polypeptide (ADH4)Immediate
RC238016NM_001293815ALDH1A3ALDH1A3 (myc-DDK-tagged) - Human aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family, member A3 (ALDH1A3), transcript variant 22 week
RC225750NM_001135167ALDH3A1ALDH3A1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member A1 (ALDH3A1), transcript variant 3Immediate
RC223838NM_001724BPGMBPGM (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate mutase (BPGM), transcript variant 12 week
RC223506NM_001081686G6PC2G6PC2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human glucose-6-phosphatase, catalytic, 2 (G6PC2), transcript variant 22 week
RC211146NM_021176G6PC2G6PC2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human glucose-6-phosphatase, catalytic, 2 (G6PC2), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC238610NM_001291556PCK2PCK2 (myc-DDK-tagged) - Human phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase 2 (mitochondrial) (PCK2), transcript variant 33 week
RC204903NM_000671ADH5ADH5 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human alcohol dehydrogenase 5 (class III), chi polypeptide (ADH5)Immediate
RC237071NM_001290059ALDH3B1ALDH3B1 (myc-DDK-tagged) - Human aldehyde dehydrogenase 3 family, member B1 (ALDH3B1), transcript variant 52 week
RC232529NM_001201483ENO1ENO1 (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens enolase 1, (alpha) (ENO1), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC200701NM_000290PGAM2PGAM2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphoglycerate mutase 2 (muscle) (PGAM2)Immediate
RC234154NM_001206797PKMPKM (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens pyruvate kinase, muscle (PKM), transcript variant 513 week
RC232392NM_001256799GAPDHGAPDH (Myc-DDK tagged) - Homo sapiens glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC237526NM_001289745GAPDHGAPDH (myc-DDK-tagged) - Human glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH), transcript variant 32 week
RC205391NM_000668ADH1BADH1B (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human alcohol dehydrogenase 1B (class I), beta polypeptide (ADH1B)2 week
RC219257NM_001976ENO3ENO3 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human enolase 3 (beta, muscle) (ENO3), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC200472NM_000162GCKGCK (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human glucokinase (hexokinase 4) (GCK), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC222793NM_033507GCKGCK (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human glucokinase (hexokinase 4) (GCK), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC229949NM_001172819PGM1PGM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1), transcript variant 33 week
RC205771NM_002633PGM1PGM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1), transcript variant 12 week


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