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4408 TrueORF belong to family "transcription factors"


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RC201668NM_006739MCM5MCM5 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human minichromosome maintenance complex component 5 (MCM5)Immediate
RC201689NM_177989ACTL6AACTL6A (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human actin-like 6A (ACTL6A), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC201750NM_004865TBPL1TBPL1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human TBP-like 1 (TBPL1)Immediate
RC201751NM_004515ILF2ILF2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human interleukin enhancer binding factor 2, 45kDa (ILF2)Immediate
RC201763NM_001300KLF6KLF6 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human Kruppel-like factor 6 (KLF6), transcript variant AImmediate
RC201811NM_001032293ZNF207ZNF207 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human zinc finger protein 207 (ZNF207), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC201828NM_005359SMAD4SMAD4 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human SMAD family member 4 (SMAD4)Immediate
RC201874NM_014815MED24MED24 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human mediator complex subunit 24 (MED24), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC201910NM_032924ZNF3ZNF3 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human zinc finger protein 3 (ZNF3), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC201948NM_005924MEOX2MEOX2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human mesenchyme homeobox 2 (MEOX2)Immediate
RC201949NM_005903SMAD5SMAD5 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human SMAD family member 5 (SMAD5), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC201996NM_003792EDF1EDF1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human endothelial differentiation-related factor 1 (EDF1), transcript variant alphaImmediate
RC202054NM_004456EZH2EZH2 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (Drosophila) (EZH2), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC202055NM_005644TAF12TAF12 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human TAF12 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 20kDa (TAF12), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC202111NM_001755CBFBCBFB (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human core-binding factor, beta subunit (CBFB), transcript variant 2Immediate
RC202142NM_005680TAF1BTAF1B (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, RNA polymerase I, B, 63kDa (TAF1B)Immediate
RC202184NM_006510TRIM27TRIM27 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human tripartite motif containing 27 (TRIM27)Immediate
RC202202NM_002135NR4A1NR4A1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 1 (NR4A1), transcript variant 1Immediate
RC202235NM_024671ZNF768ZNF768 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human zinc finger protein 768 (ZNF768)Immediate
RC202246NM_021953FOXM1FOXM1 (Myc-DDK-tagged)-Human forkhead box M1 (FOXM1), transcript variant 2Immediate


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