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131 TrueClone belong to pathway "pathogenic escherichia coli infection"


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SC103095XM_086576TLR5 (untagged)-Human toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5)0
SC103336NM_006000TUBA4ATUBA4A (untagged)-Human tubulin, alpha 4a (TUBA4A)0
SC104905BC033064TUBA1CTUBA1C (untagged)-Human tubulin alpha 6 (cDNA clone MGC:45598 IMAGE:3926854), complete cds2
SC105888AL122093ACTG1 (untagged)-Human mRNA, cDNA DKFZp434B2115 (from clone DKFZp434B2115)0
SC107921NM_001904CTNNB1CTNNB1 (untagged)-Human catenin (cadherin-associated protein), beta 1, 88kDa (CTNNB1), transcript variant 10
SC108190NM_006153NCK1NCK1 (untagged)-Human NCK adaptor protein 1 (NCK1), transcript variant 10
SC109003NM_030978ARPC5LARPC5L (untagged)-Human actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 5-like (ARPC5L)0
SC109055NM_001791CDC42CDC42 (untagged)-Human cell division cycle 42 (GTP binding protein, 25kDa) (CDC42), transcript variant 10
SC109056NM_044472CDC42CDC42 (untagged)-Human cell division cycle 42 (GTP binding protein, 25kDa) (CDC42), transcript variant 20
SC109413NM_030773TUBB1TUBB1 (untagged)-Human tubulin, beta 1 (TUBB1)0
SC111092NM_003941WASLWASL (untagged)-Human Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome-like (WASL)0
SC111935NM_002211ITGB1ITGB1 (untagged)-Human integrin, beta 1 (fibronectin receptor, beta polypeptide, antigen CD29 includes MDF2, MSK12) (ITGB1), transcript variant 1A0
SC112682NM_005717ARPC5ARPC5 (untagged)-Human actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 5, 16kDa (ARPC5)0
SC112684NM_005719ARPC3ARPC3 (untagged)-Human actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 3, 21kDa (ARPC3)0
SC112686NM_005731ARPC2ARPC2 (untagged)-Human actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 2, 34kDa (ARPC2), transcript variant 20
SC112789NM_003268TLR5TLR5 (untagged)-Human toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5)0
SC113339NM_018943TUBA8TUBA8 (untagged)-Human tubulin, alpha 8 (TUBA8), transcript variant 10
SC115879NM_006826YWHAQYWHAQ (untagged)-Human tyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, theta polypeptide (YWHAQ)0
SC116099NM_006409ARPC1AARPC1A (untagged)-Human actin related protein 2/3 complex, subunit 1A, 41kDa (ARPC1A), transcript variant 10
SC116313NM_006086TUBB3TUBB3 (untagged)-Human tubulin, beta 3 (TUBB3), transcript variant 10


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