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58 TrueClone belong to pathway "maturity onset diabetes of the young"


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SC109551NM_001604PAX6PAX6 (untagged)-Human paired box 6 (PAX6), transcript variant 20
SC116707NM_005524HES1HES1 (untagged)-Human hairy and enhancer of split 1, (Drosophila) (HES1)0
SC117545NM_004133HNF4GHNF4G (untagged)-Human hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, gamma (HNF4G)0
SC117736NM_003822NR5A2NR5A2 (untagged)-Human nuclear receptor subfamily 5, group A, member 2 (NR5A2), transcript variant 20
SC118625NM_002500NEUROD1NEUROD1 (untagged)-Human neurogenic differentiation 1 (NEUROD1)0
SC119950NM_000340SLC2A2SLC2A2 (untagged)-Human solute carrier family 2 (facilitated glucose transporter), member 2 (SLC2A2)0
SC120054NM_000207INSINS (untagged)-Human insulin (INS), transcript variant 10
SC122562NM_000458HNF1BHNF1B (untagged)-Human HNF1 homeobox B (HNF1B), transcript variant 10
SC122681NM_004497FOXA3FOXA3 (untagged)-Human forkhead box A3 (FOXA3)0
SC122913NM_021784FOXA2FOXA2 (untagged)-Human forkhead box A2 (FOXA2), transcript variant 10
SC123784NM_000162GCKGCK (untagged)-Human glucokinase (hexokinase 4) (GCK), transcript variant 10
SC123863NM_000457HNF4AHNF4A (untagged)-Human hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (HNF4A), transcript variant 20
SC127236BC001890GCKGCK (untagged)-Human glucokinase (hexokinase 4, maturity onset diabetes of the young 2), transcript variant 1 (cDNA clone MGC:1742 IMAGE:3536582), complete cds0
SC127933NM_000280PAX6PAX6 (untagged)-Human paired box 6 (PAX6), transcript variant 10
SC128255BC005255INSINS (untagged)-Human insulin (cDNA clone MGC:12292 IMAGE:3950204), complete cds0
SC300025NM_000209PDX1PDX1 (untagged)-Human pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1 (PDX1)0
SC300065NM_000415IAPPIAPP (untagged)-Human islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP)0
SC300093NM_000545HNF1AHNF1A (untagged)-Human HNF1 homeobox A (HNF1A)0
SC302485NM_001030003HNF4AHNF4A (untagged)-Human hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (HNF4A), transcript variant 50
SC302486NM_001030004HNF4AHNF4A (untagged)-Human hepatocyte nuclear factor 4, alpha (HNF4A), transcript variant 60


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