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202 TrueClone belong to pathway "ecm-receptor interaction"


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SC104366AK027151  (untagged)-Human cDNA: FLJ23498 fis, clone LNG026830
SC109841NM_032470TNXBTNXB (untagged)-Human tenascin XB (TNXB), transcript variant XB-S0
SC120057NM_000212ITGB3ITGB3 (untagged)-Human integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61) (ITGB3)0
SC127388BC017387SPP1SPP1 (untagged)-Homo sapiens, clone MGC:22826 IMAGE:3828885, complete cds4
SC128071NM_012484HMMRHMMR (untagged)-Human hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor (RHAMM) (HMMR), transcript variant 20
SC128124NM_000888ITGB6ITGB6 (untagged)-Human integrin, beta 6 (ITGB6)0
SC305745NM_057165COL6A3COL6A3 (untagged)-Human collagen, type VI, alpha 3 (COL6A3), transcript variant 310
SC305747NM_057167COL6A3COL6A3 (untagged)-Human collagen, type VI, alpha 3 (COL6A3), transcript variant 512
SC305758NM_058175COL6A2COL6A2 (untagged)-Human collagen, type VI, alpha 2 (COL6A2), transcript variant 2C2a'3
SC305814NM_080680COL11A2COL11A2 (untagged)-Human collagen, type XI, alpha 2 (COL11A2), transcript variant 10
SC319158NM_000638VTNVTN (untagged)-Human vitronectin (VTN)0
SC325306NM_001142556HMMRHMMR (untagged)-Human hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor (RHAMM) (HMMR), transcript variant 11
SC331470NM_001202555 CD44CD44 (untagged) - Homo sapiens CD44 molecule (Indian blood group) (CD44), transcript variant 60
SC336097NM_001289908CD36CD36 (untagged) - Human CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor) (CD36), transcript variant 62
SC336412NM_001302996LAMA3LAMA3 (untagged) - Human laminin, alpha 3 (LAMA3), transcript variant 52
SC117393NM_004393DAG1DAG1 (untagged)-Human dystroglycan 1 (dystrophin-associated glycoprotein 1) (DAG1), transcript variant 20
SC118077NM_003248THBS4THBS4 (untagged)-Human thrombospondin 4 (THBS4)0
SC118272NM_002997SDC1SDC1 (untagged)-Human syndecan 1 (SDC1), transcript variant 20
SC119347NM_001267CHADCHAD (untagged)-Human chondroadherin (CHAD)0
SC119589NM_000889ITGB7ITGB7 (untagged)-Human integrin, beta 7 (ITGB7)0


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