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11150 TrueClone belong to family "transmembrane"


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SC100096NM_145169SFT2D1SFT2D1 (untagged)-Human SFT2 domain containing 1 (SFT2D1)0
SC100130NM_145254TMEM170ATMEM170A (untagged)-Human transmembrane protein 170A (TMEM170A)0
SC100142NM_145236B3GNT7B3GNT7 (untagged)-Human UDP-GlcNAc:betaGal beta-1,3-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase 7 (B3GNT7)0
SC100161NM_145249IFI27L1IFI27L1 (untagged)-Human interferon, alpha-inducible protein 27-like 1 (IFI27L1), transcript variant 10
SC100182NM_145650MUC15MUC15 (untagged)-Human mucin 15, cell surface associated (MUC15), transcript variant 24
SC100197NM_145344APOL1APOL1 (untagged)-Human apolipoprotein L, 1 (APOL1), transcript variant 30
SC100307NM_152280SYT11SYT11 (untagged)-Human synaptotagmin XI (SYT11)0
SC100313NM_020873LRRN1LRRN1 (untagged)-Human leucine rich repeat neuronal 1 (LRRN1)0
SC100361NM_153442GPR26GPR26 (untagged)-Human G protein-coupled receptor 26 (GPR26)0
SC100368NM_019022TMX3TMX3 (untagged)-Human thioredoxin-related transmembrane protein 3 (TMX3)0
SC100497NM_153045C9orf91C9orf91 (untagged)-Human chromosome 9 open reading frame 91 (C9orf91)0
SC100521NM_153321PMP22PMP22 (untagged)-Human peripheral myelin protein 22 (PMP22), transcript variant 20
SC100531NM_153832GPR161GPR161 (untagged)-Human G protein-coupled receptor 161 (GPR161), transcript variant 30
SC100593NM_152449LYSMD4LYSMD4 (untagged)-Human LysM, putative peptidoglycan-binding, domain containing 4 (LYSMD4)0
SC100632NM_152697SLC44A5SLC44A5 (untagged)-Human solute carrier family 44, member 5 (SLC44A5), transcript variant 10
SC100690NM_015234ADGRF5GPR116 (untagged)-Human G protein-coupled receptor 116 (GPR116), transcript variant 10
SC100742NM_152692C1GALT1C1C1GALT1C1 (untagged)-Human C1GALT1-specific chaperone 1 (C1GALT1C1), transcript variant 14
SC100812NM_152774TMEM196TMEM196 (untagged)-Human transmembrane protein 196 (TMEM196)0
SC100835NM_018710TMEM55ATMEM55A (untagged)-Human transmembrane protein 55A (TMEM55A)0
SC100838NM_153354TMEM161BTMEM161B (untagged)-Human transmembrane protein 161B (TMEM161B)0


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