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10,000 Purified Human Proteins from HEK293 Cells


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TP310516JAG1Recombinant protein of human jagged 1 (Alagille syndrome) (JAG1)NP_000205$680
TP313878JAK1Recombinant protein of human Janus kinase 1 (a protein tyrosine kinase) (JAK1)NP_002218$680
TP320503JAK2Recombinant protein of human Janus kinase 2 (a protein tyrosine kinase) (JAK2)NP_004963$680
TP317928JAK3Recombinant protein of human Janus kinase 3 (a protein tyrosine kinase, leukocyte) (JAK3)NP_000206$680
TP305654JAKMIP2Recombinant protein of human janus kinase and microtubule interacting protein 2 (JAKMIP2)NP_055605$680
TP721088JAM2Purified recombinant protein of Human junctional adhesion molecule 2 (JAM2)NP_067042$139
TP316073JAM3Recombinant protein of human junctional adhesion molecule 3 (JAM3)NP_116190$680
TP318818JAMLRecombinant protein of human adhesion molecule, interacts with CXADR antigen 1 (AMICA1), transcript variant 1NP_001091996$680
TP307932JCHAINRecombinant protein of human immunoglobulin J polypeptide, linker protein for immunoglobulin alpha and mu polypeptides (IGJ)NP_653247$680
TP760827JDP2Purified recombinant protein of Human Jun dimerization protein 2 (JDP2), transcript variant 2, full length, with N-terminal HIS tag, expressed in E. coli, 50ugNP_001128519$199
TP308993JMJD6Recombinant protein of human jumonji domain containing 6 (JMJD6), transcript variant 2NP_055982$680
TP318163JMJD6Recombinant protein of human jumonji domain containing 6 (JMJD6), transcript variant 1NP_001074930$680
TP325450JMJD7Recombinant protein of human jumonji domain containing 7 (JMJD7)NP_001108104$680
TP323316JMJD7Recombinant protein of human JMJD7-PLA2G4B readthrough transcript (JMJD7-PLA2G4B), transcript variant 1NP_005081$680
TP329401JMYPurified recombinant protein of Homo sapiens junction mediating and regulatory protein, p53 cofactor (JMY).NP_689618$680
TP301968JOSD1Recombinant protein of human Josephin domain containing 1 (JOSD1)NP_055691$680
TP309025JOSD2Recombinant protein of human Josephin domain containing 2 (JOSD2)NP_612207$680
TP319661JPH2Recombinant protein of human junctophilin 2 (JPH2), transcript variant 1NP_065166$680
TP308221JPH4Recombinant protein of human junctophilin 4 (JPH4)NP_115828$680
TP318013JRKRecombinant protein of human jerky homolog (mouse) (JRK), transcript variant 2NP_001070995$680
TP303595JUNBRecombinant protein of human jun B proto-oncogene (JUNB)NP_002220$680
TP316958JUNDRecombinant protein of human jun D proto-oncogene (JUND)NP_005345$680
TP304209JUPRecombinant protein of human junction plakoglobin (JUP), transcript variant 1NP_002221$680


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