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MYC/DDK Tagged Western Blot Molecular Weight Markers


Cat. # Name Description Price
MWM1001 MYC/DDK Tagged Western Blot Molecular Weight Markers Pre-mixed molecular weight markers with 6 over-expressed cell lysates with Myc/DDK tags covering 28 to 158 KDa. Each Vial contains 50ug total protein per tube; Sufficient for 20 loads. $330
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Amount50 ug
FormulationSDS Sample Buffer
Detection AntibodiesAnti-Myc Antibody (TA100010), Anti-DDK Antibody (TA50011)
ApplicationMolecular weight markers in Western Blot experiments

Western Blot Image
Western Blot Image

2.5ul pre-mixed molecular weight marker (MWM1001) was loaded onto the precast gel. Western blot analysis was performed with anti-DDK antibody (Cat# TA50011-100) at 1:2,000 dilution.


pattern image
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