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TruePLEX™ Human Growth Factor Assay Kit (11-Plex)


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AM100096 TruePLEX™ Human Growth Factor Assay Kit (11-Plex) 96 rxn $2255 In Stock
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Product Details: The TruePLEX™ human growth factor 11-plex kit is designed for the measurement of 11 different growth factors in cell culture supernatant, human sera, or plasma in conjunction with xMAP™ technology from Luminex Corporation. 11-plex: PDGF-AB (Gene ID 5154 & 5155), PDGF-BB (Gene ID 5155), FGF4 (Gene ID 2249), FIGF (VEGFD, Gene ID 2277), FGF2 (Gene ID 2247), EGF (Gene ID 1950), HGF (Gene ID 3082), FLT3LG (Gene ID 2323), ANGPT2 (Gene ID 285), PGF (Gene ID 5228), VEGFA (Gene ID 7422). Kit contains all reagents and accessories necessary to run the assay.
Standard Curves
11 plex standard curves
Gene Name: Platelet-derived growth factor alpha polypeptide, platelet-derived growth factor beta polypeptide, fibroblast growth factor 4, c-fos induced growth factor (vascular endothelial growth factor D), fibroblast growth factor 2, epidermal growth factor, hepatocyte growth factor, FLT-3 ligand (fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand), angiopoietin 2, placental growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor A
Research Focus: Oncology
Platform: Luminex xMAP®
Product Configuration: premixed 11- plex
Product Type: Multiplex Kit
Sample Type: serum, plasma, tissue culture supernatant
Sample Volume: 50 µl
Species Reactivity: Human
Components: Beads, assay buffers, filter plate, detection antibody, standards, SAPE
Performance Summary
Performance Summary
Sensitivity Specification: 7-21 pg/ml depending upon the analyte
Normal Mean and Range Serum Samples: Varies by Analyte
Normal Mean and Range Plasma Samples: Varies by Analyte
Intra-assay CV – Standards (specification): <15%
Intra-assay CV – Serum/Plasma (specification): <20%
Inter-assay CV – Serum/Plasma (specification): <20%
Standard Curves: 7-20000 pg/ml
Recovery (specification) : 80-120%
Linearity (specification): 80-120%
Cross Reactivity: Negligible



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