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High Performance Transfection with TurboFectin 8.0

The ultimate in high efficiency and low toxicity!


TurboFectin 8.0 is a new generation of transfection reagent optimized for nucleic acid delivery into eukaryotic cells. Its proprietary formulation of lipid/histone blend is supplied in 80% alcohol. TurboFectin 8.0 is the recommended transfection reagent for delivery of TrueClone/TrueORF Clone (for over-expression) and HuSH-29 constructs (shRNA for expression knock-down) in many different cell types.

  • Wide spectrum: validated on > 100 cell lines and primary cell types (Click for list)
  • Recommended for shRNA-induced silencing (click for data).
  • Preferred reagent for reverse transfection assays (click for data).
  • Simplified use: Works well in media containing antibiotic and antimycotic agents. Suitable for serum-containing media; no requirement for media change
  • Affordability: One mL can be used for 300-500 transfections of 6-well plate cultures, < $0.90 per transfection.
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TF81001 TurboFectin 8.0 (1 vial @ 1ml each) $420 In Stock Add to Shopping Cart
TF81005 TurboFectin 8.0 (5 vials @ 1ml each) $1650 In Stock Add to Shopping Cart


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Secretomic Analysis Identifies Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (A1AT) as a Required Protein in Cancer Cell Migration, Invasion, and Pericellular Fibronectin Assembly for Facilitating Lung Colonization of Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells, Ying-Hua Chang, Shu-Hui Lee, I-Chuang Liao, Shin-Huei Huang, Hung-Chi Cheng, and Pao-Chi Liao, Mol. Cell. Proteomics, Nov 2012; 11: 1320 - 1339. [Turbofectin 8 SKU# TF81001]


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