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PrecisionShuttle Vectors

The same ORF insert in multiple context for diverse applications
TrueORF Utility

All TrueORF inserts are housed in a pCMV6-Entry vector and can be easily shuttled via PrecisonShuttle, a simple 'cut-and-paste' procedure, into any of the destination vectors. With the wide selection of destination vectors, TrueORF clones are ready-to-use for many downstream protein studies.

The destination vectors offers choices of:

  • Epitope tags for protein purification detection
  • Fluorescent protein tags for protein visualization
  • Various drug marker for stable line establishment
  • E.coli expression vectors

Options of purchasing the vectors or requesting custom shuttling are available.

Entry VectorSKUC-TagE. coli
pCMV6-Entry (C-terminal Myc and DDK Tagged), 10 ugPS100001Myc-DDKKanamycinNeomycinMammalian$360
pCMV6-Entry2 (C-terminal Myc and DDK Tagged) , 10 ugPS100063Myc-DDKKanamycinNeomycinMammalian$360

Lentiviral Vectors
New in 2013: OriGene now offers multiple Lentiviral vectors. Easy shuttling of TrueORF insert. Click the Lentiviral tab below

The vectors could be ordered as:

Epitope tagging FP tagging Selection markers Lentiviral New Bacterial expression
Destination VectorSKUFP FeatureC-TagN-TagE. coli
pCMV6-AC-GFPPS100010Green, dimerTurboGFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-GFPPS100019Green, dimer TurboGFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-A-GFPPS100026Green, dimer  Ampicillin $560
pCMV6-AC-IRES-GFPPS100027Green, dimerMyc-DDK AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-RFPPS100033Red,dimer TurboRFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-RFPPS100034Red,dimerTurboRFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-YFPPS100035Yellow, dimer TurboYFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-YFPPS100036Yellow, dimerTurboYFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-FP602PS100037Red, dimerTurboFP602 AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-FP635PS100038Far-red, dimerTurboFP635 AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mKatePS100039Far-red, monomermKate AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mGFPPS100040Green, monomermGFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mRFPPS100041Red, monomermRFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mYFPPS100042Yellow, monomermYFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mBFPPS100043Blue, monomermBFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-mCFPPS100044Cyan, monomermCFP AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-FP602PS100045Red, dimer TurboFP602AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-FP635PS100046Far-red, dimer TurboFP635AmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mKatePS100047Far-red, monomer mKateAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mGFPPS100048Green, monomer mGFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mRFPPS100049Red, monomer mRFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mYFPPS100050Yellow, monomer mYFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mBFPPS100051Blue, monomer mBFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AN-mCFPPS100052Cyan, monomer mCFPAmpicillinNeomycin$560
pCMV6-AC-IRES-GFP-PuroPS100059Green, dimer  AmpicillinPuromycin$560
pCMV6-AN-GFP-C-HisPS100061Green, dimerHistGFPAmpicillinNeomycin$670
pLenti-C-GFPPS100065Green, dimerGFP Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-C-Myc-DDK-IRES-GFPPS100070Green, dimerMyc-DDK Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-C-mGFPPS100071Green, MonomermGFP Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-EF1a-C-tGFPPS100072Green, dimertGFP Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-N-tGFP PS100073Green, dimer tGFPChloramphenicol $670
pLenti-C-tRFPPS100074Red, dimertRFP Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-N-tRFPPS100077Red, dimer tRFPChloramphenicol $670
pLenti-N-tYFPPS100078Yellow, dimer tYFPChloramphenicol $670
pLenti-C-tYFPPS100079Yellow, dimertYFP Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-C-Myc-DDK-IRES-tRFPPS100080Red, dimerMyc-DDK Chloramphenicol $670
pLenti-EF1a-C-mGFPPS100084Green, MonomermGFP Chloramphenicol $670

Photo gallery of the fluorescent-tagged proteins generated by OriGene with TrueORF clones

Peptide sequence of the DDK-tag (Flag®): N-DYKDDDDK-C
Flag® is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich

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