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Over 1000 citations of OriGene cDNA clones
Epilepsy-associated GRIN2A mutations reduce NMDA receptor trafficking and agonist potency - molecular profiling and functional rescue Sci Rep 2017 [GRIN2A]

Engineering brown fat into skeletal muscle using ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction gene delivery in obese Zucker rats: Proof of concept design IUBMB Life 2017 [BMP7]

Traditional Chinese medicine, Fuzheng Kang‑Ai decoction, inhibits metastasis of lung cancer cells through the STAT3/MMP9 pathway Mol Med Rep 2017 [PIAS3]

A Novel Egr-1-Agrin Pathway and Potential Implications for Regulation of Synaptic Physiology and Homeostasis at the Neuromuscular Junction Front Aging Neurosci 2017 [EGR1]

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ExactORF™: Designed by you; powered by OriGene

Do you need to:

  • Express a protein from human, mouse, monkey, dog, chicken or sea urchin?
  • Express a chimeric protein?
  • Mutate a protein domain?
  • Express only the active domain of a protein?
  • Study a protein with a specific polymorphism (e.g. SNP)?

If you responded yes to any of the above questions, ExactORF™ service is the perfect solution. Simply submit the ORF nucleotide sequence of your interest, and choose from any one of our 40 PrecisionShuttle vectors. OriGene will construct the vector exactly as you request and provide the transfection-ready plasmids. OriGene, the trusted cDNA clone provider and the most comprehensive source, now offers ExactORF™ service. For any sequence you dictate, we will provide the exact ORF.

ExactORF Service

OriGene builds the ORF DNA construct to your exact specifications. The process is simple.

Step 1) Download and complete your request on the easy to use form
Step 2) E-mail the form to receive an all-inclusive price and delivery time right away.

In about 3-4 weeks after placing your order, you will receive the following:

  • 10 ug (A260 quantitation) circular plasmid of the final construct (lyophilized)
  • All DNA sequence chromatograms (.ab1 format) on a 1 GB flash drive
  • Consensus sequence and vector map (also on the flash drive)
  • COA and Application Guide

$0.98/bp into any of OriGene’s Precision Shuttle Vectors!

There are no surcharges for length, difficulty, or troublesome DNA yields.

If you would like some assistance in the design of your functional construct, we have experienced molecular biologists in our technical support team ready to help. Contact the ExactORF™ team at 301.340.3188 option 2.

  • Professional technical consulting included for all quotations
  • OriGene has more than a decade of experience with cloning difficult, rare, long and toxic genes
  • FAQs and Application Guide


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