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Transfection Reagents

A broad range of transfection reagents to meet your specific cDNA, shRNA and siRNA transfection needs.

Cell Types Examples Recommended Reagents
Commonly used established cell lines Hela, MCF 7, K562, Jurkat, 3T3, COS TurboFectin 8.0
Most established cell lines and primary cells Above, plus MEF, HUVEC, SMC, lymphocytes, etc. Magnetofection PolyMag
Magnetofection CombiMag
Primary neurons and neuronal cell lines Hippocampal neurons and neuronal cell lines PC-12, B95, C6, N2A or SH-5YSY, etc. Magnetofection NeuroMag
Virus infection of non-permissive cells   Magnetofection ViroMag
HEK293T, CHO, 293S, etc   MegaTran 1.0
For siRNA transfection HEK293T siTran 1.0
  • TurboFectin 8.0™ - Lipid/histone based transfection reagent
    TurboFectin is a new generation of transfection reagent for nucleic acid delivery into eukaryotic cells. TurboFectin 8.0 is the recommended for the delivery of TrueClone/TrueORF clones (for over-expression) and HuSH-29 constructs (shRNA for expression knock-down) in many established cell lines and cell types.
    • Superior performance: Comparable with FuGENE®6 in trasfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity
    • Wide spectrum: Over 100 cell lines and primary cell types have been successfully transfected with TurboFectin 8.0. Click to see the list of cells tested
    • Affordability: Lower cost than FuGENE®6
  • Magnetofection™ - Magnetic transfection reagent - A novel and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture.
    Magnetofection is a novel and highly efficient method to transfect cells in culture. It exploits magnetic force exerted upon gene vectors associates with magnetic particles to draw plamids into target cells.
    • Validated to work in a broad range of cell types, including primary cells and neuronal cells
    • Greatly improved transfection rates compared to standard transfection
    • Up to several thousand fold increased levels of transgene expression compared to standard transfections upon short-term incubation
    Magnetofection Reagents are only available through OriGene in the US
  • MegaTran 1.0 - Polymer based transfection reagent
    MegaTran 1.0 is a polymer based transfection reagent specially designed and manufactured for high volume DNA transfection and large scale protein production in HEK293T, CHO and 293S cells.
    • Superior transfection efficiency and low toxicity
    • Improved protein production via transient transfection
    • Cost effective compared to other commonly used transfection reagent

  • siTran 1.0 – For transfection of the siRNA duplex
    siTran 1.0 is a brand-new transfection reagent specially for siRNA duplexes in transient transfection, high-throughput screening, etc. siTran 1.0 is also highly effective in transfecting plasmid DNA.
    • Dual purpose reagent for both siRNA duplexes and plasmid DNA
    • High efficiency and low cytotoxicity
    • Has been successfully used in the transfection of T cells


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