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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development

TrueMAB™ joint-development program for human proteome
High Quality Antibodies Start from Antigens with Native Conformations. OriGene handles antigen preparation and provides its human protein collection for immunization. The antigen will be expressed in human HEK293T cell line and purified under native conditions with affinity chromatography to preserve native protein structures with genuine mammalian post-translational modifications. Antigens preserved protein native conformation consist of native epitopes, which result in antibodies with high specificity and reactivity. In comparison to peptide-derived antibodies, these antibodies provide exceptional performances for the immunoassays that are sensitive to protein conformation, such as immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation, ELISA, antibody array, immunohisotchemistry and flow cytometry.
  • - Balb/c mice immunization and boosting with ELISA screening
  • - Splenocyte fusion and expansion with ELISA screening
  • - Subcloning and stabilization of positive clones with ELISA screening
Extensive Validation is Critical to Generate Monoclonal Antibodies with High Reactivity for Specific Immunoassays.
  • - Western blot on OriGene overexpression cell lysate (in human cell lines)
  • - Western blot on a panel of at least 7 different cell lines
  • - IHC on up to 24 unique normal and disease-state FFPE human tissues
  • - Immunofluorescent staining on a human cell line with the over-expressed antigen
  • - Immunofluorescent staining on native cell lines

Monoclonal antibodies for every human protein

For further questions, please contact OriGene at antibody@origene.com.


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