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Anti-FREM2 Antibody Polyclonal


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TA320171 Rabbit Polyclonal FREM2 Antibody 100ug $325 3-7 Days
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OriGene Data

ImmunogenFREM2 antibody was raised against a 19 amino acid synthetic peptide near the center of human FREM2.
Clone NamePolyclonal IsotypeIgG
Species ReactivityHuman, Mouse Concentration1ug/ul
Guaranteed Application *WB, IF Suggested DilutionsICC: 20 ug/mL, IF: 20 ug/mL
BufferFREM2 Antibody is supplied in PBS containing 0.02% sodium azide.
Purification FREM2 Antibody is affinity chromatography purified via peptide column.

Reference Data

Target NameHomo sapiens FRAS1 related extracellular matrix protein 2 (FREM2)
Alternative NameDKFZp686J0811; DKFZp781I048; KIAA1074
Database LinkNP_997244
Entrez Gene 341640 Human
Entrez Gene 242022 Mouse
FunctionFREM2 Antibody: FREM2 is a member of the FRAS1-related extracellular matrix protein family and like FREM1, mutations in the FREM2 gene are associated with Fraser syndrome. FREM2 localizes to the basement membrane, forming a ternary complex that plays a role in epidermal-dermal interactions during morphogenetic processes and is thought to be required for maintaining the integrity of the skin epithelium and the differentiated state of renal epithelia. The FREM2 gene is one of several genes whose transcription is affecteded by TFAP2C, a transcription factor involved in mammary development, differentiation, and oncogenesis.
Related PathwayTransmembrane

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WB Image
Western blot analysis of FREM2 in A-20 cell lysate with FREM2 antibody at (A) 0.5 and (B) 1ug/mL.

IF Image
Immunocytochemistry of FREM2 in A-20 cells with FREM2 antibody at 20 ug/mL.

IF Image
Immunofluorescence of FREM2 in A20 cells with FREM2 antibody at 20 ug/mL.


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