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Anti-PTGS1 GAT Antibody Polyclonal

Generated by Genomic Immunization


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  • Rabbit Polyclonal COX1 Antibody
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Also for PTGS1 (NM_000962)
cDNA Clone shRNA/siRNA CRISPR KO Kit Protein Antibody

OriGene Data

ImmunogenDNA immunization. This antibody is specific for the Middle Region of the target protein.
Clone NamePolyclonal IsotypeIgG
Species ReactivityHuman Concentration0.67mg/ml
Guaranteed Application *WB, ELISA Suggested DilutionsWB: 1:5000-1:20000; ELISA: 1:100-1:2000; IHC: 1:10-1:2000; IHC-P 1:250-1:2000
Buffer20 mM Potassium Phosphate, 150 mM Sodium Chloride, pH 7.0
Purification The fragment used for DNA immunization was expressed in E.coli and the purified protein fragment was used for affinity purification of the antibody.
Note This antibody was generated by SDIX's Genomic Antibody Technology ® (GAT). Learn about GAT

Reference Data

Target NameHomo sapiens prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1 (prostaglandin G/H synthase and cyclooxygenase) (PTGS1), transcript variant 1
Alternative NameCOX1; COX3; PCOX1; PES-1; PGG/HS; PGHS-1; PGHS1; PHS1; PTGHS
Database LinkNP_000953
Entrez Gene 5742 Human
FunctionCyclooxygenase (COX), also known as prostaglandin H2 synthese and prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase, is an important enzyme in the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandin H2.1, 2 Prostaglandin H2 is converted by other enzymes into inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandin (PG) D2, PGE2, PGF2a, PG12, and thromboxane A2. Thus, COX is a key enzyme in the production of inflammatory agents and is the target of intense research and drug discovery activities. COX consists of two isoforms, COX-I (599 amino acid residues) and COX-II (604 amino acid residues). The COX enzymes, membrane-associated heme proteins that have cyclooxygenase and peroxidase activities, are targets of NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin.3 COX-I is involved in the regulation of homeostatic functions throughout the body, such as vascular hemostasis, renal blood flow, and maintenance of glomerular function.4, 5, 6 It is constitutively produced in most cell types with high expression levels found in gastrointestinal tissues. COX-I is important in the gut for the production of prostaglandins, which inhibit gastric secretion. COX-I can be induced in monocytes, macrophages, and other cells as part of the inflammatory response by IL-1b and other cytokines. It is also induced by growth factors such as EGF and PDGF. Expression is inhibited by glucocorticosteroids such as cortisol and dexamethasone.
Related PathwayTransmembraneDruggable Genome Arachidonic acid metabolismMetabolic pathways

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WB Image
Western Blot: COX1 Antibody - Western Blot was performed using affinity purified SEQer PTGS1 antibody. The lanes contain 5-30ug of a whole cell extract. Final concentration of antibodies = 0.1ug/ml (1:10,000 dilution).
ELISA: COX1 Antibody - Affinity Purified


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