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Anti-FBXO5 Antibody


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TA319364 Rabbit polyclonal anti-Fbp5A antibody 100ug $325 3-7 Days

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OriGene Data

ImmunogenThis affinity purified antibody was prepared from whole rabbit serum produced by repeated immunizations with a synthetic peptide corresponding to a region near the amino terminal end of human Fbp5A protein.
Clone Name IsotypeIgG
Species ReactivityHuman Concentration1.3 mg/mL
Guaranteed Application *WB, IHC Suggested DilutionsELISA: 1:5,000 - 1:20,000, WB: 1:500 - 1:3,000, IHC: 1:500 - 1:3,000
Buffer0.02 M Potassium Phosphate, 0.15 M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.2
Note Fbp5A is a member of the F-box protein family that is characterized by an approximately 40 amino acid motif, the F-box. The F-box proteins constitute one of the four subunits of the ubiquitin protein ligase complex called SCFs (SKP1-cullin-F-box), which function in phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination. The F-box proteins are divided into 3 classes: Fbws containing WD-40 domains, Fbls containing leucine-rich repeats, and Fbxs containing either different protein-protein interaction modules or no recognizable motifs. The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the Fbxs class. This protein is similar to Xenopus early mitotic inhibitor-1 (Emi1), which is a mitotic regulator that interacts with Cdc20 and inhibits the anaphase-promoting complex.

Reference Data

Target NameHomo sapiens F-box protein 5 (FBXO5), transcript variant 1
Alternative NameEMI1; FBX5; Fbxo31
Database LinkNP_036309
Entrez Gene 26271 Human
Related PathwayDruggable Genome Oocyte meiosis

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Western blot using affinity purified anti-Fbp5A antibody shows detection of a major band corresponding to Fbp5A protein in a human HeLa whole cell lysate (lane 1 arrowhead).  The identity of cross-reactive minor bands at ~72 kDa and 150 kDa is unknown.  Specific band staining is blocked when the antibody is pre-incubated with the immunizing peptide (lane 2). Approximately 33 µg of lysate was loaded per lane onto a 4-20% gradient gel followed by transfer to nitrocellulose.  The membrane was blocked using BLOTTO.  Primary antibody was used at a 1:500 dilution in BLOTTO. The membrane was washed and reacted with a 1:10,000 dilution of IRDye™800 Conjugated Affinity Purified Goat-anti-Rabbit IgG [H&L] MX10 (800 nm channel, green).  Molecular weight estimation was made by comparison to prestained MW markers indicated at the right (lane M, 700 nm channel, red).  Other detection systems will yield similar results.
Affinity Purified anti-Fbp5a antibody shows strong cytoplasmic and membranous staining of bile duct cells in human liver tissue.  Tissue was formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded.  Brown color indicates presence of protein, blue color shows cell nuclei.   Personal Communication, Kenneth Wester, www.proteinatlas.org, Uppsala, Sweden.


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