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Anti-ATP6V0A2 Antibody


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  • Rabbit Polyclonal antibody to ATP6V0A2 (ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal V0 subunit a2)
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OriGene Data

ImmunogenRecombinant fragment corresponding to a region within amino acids 156 and 434 of ATP6V0A2 (Uniprot ID#Q9Y487)
Clone Name IsotypeIgG
Species ReactivityHuman, Mouse Concentration1mg/ml
Guaranteed Application *WB Suggested DilutionsWB:1:1000-1:10000
Predicted MW Explanation 98kDa
Buffer0.1M Tris, 0.1M Glycine, 10% Glycerol (pH7). 0.01% Thimerosal was added as a preservative.
Purification Purified by antigen-affinity chromatography.

Reference Data

Target NameHomo sapiens ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal V0 subunit a2 (ATP6V0A2)
Alternative NameA2; ARCL; ARCL2A; ATP6A2; ATP6N1D; J6B7; RTF; STV1; TJ6; TJ6M; TJ6S; VPH1; WSS
Database LinkNP_036595
Entrez Gene 23545 Human
Entrez Gene 21871 Mouse
FunctionThe multisubunit vacuolar-type proton pump (H(+)-ATPase or V-ATPase) is essential for acidification of diverse cellular components, including endosomes, lysosomes, clathrin-coated vesicles, secretory vesicles, and chromaffin granules, and it is found at high density in the plasma membrane of certain specialized cells. H(+)-ATPases are comprised of a peripheral V(1) domain and an integral membrane V(0) domain; ATP6V0A2 is a component of the V(0) domain (Smith et al., 2003 [PubMed 14580332]).[supplied by OMIM]
Related PathwayTransmembrane Oxidative phosphorylationMetabolic pathwaysLysosomeVibrio cholerae infectionEpithelial cell signaling in Helicobacter pylori infection

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WB Image
ATP6V0A2 antibody detects ATP6V0A2 protein by western blot analysis. A. 30 ug 293T whole cell extract. D. 30 whole cell extract of 3xFlag-human ATP6V0A2-transfected 293T cells. 7.5 % SDS-PAGE. ATP6V0A2 antibody (TA308549) dilution: 1:5000


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