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Gene identification is increasing at a rapid pace, due in large part to technologies such as expressed sequence tag (EST) discovery and the wealth of sequence information produced by the Genome Sequencing Projects. Once a gene is identified, a full-length CDNA clone is required to perform sequence and expression analyses and ultimately to discern gene function in vivo.  OriGene's Arrayed cDNA Libraries have been used and cited by a number of experts in the field.

Rapid-Screen Arrayed cDNA Library Panels are a fast, inexpensive, and easy way to clone full-length cDNAs.

  • Isolate large cDNA clones with only three 96-well PCRs
  • Libraries designed to contain large inserts
  • Can identify longest clone even before its isolation
  • Final clone is not a PCR product
  • No messy radioactive probes or labor-intensive colony lifts
  • "Full-length" clones can immediately be transfected into mammalian cells

Twenty, tissue-specific libraries are available for customer cloning of full-length genes

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