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PrecisionShuttle RapidShuttling Kit

Shuttle the ORF insert into another PrecisonShuttle Vector in 30 min


The RapidShuttling kits provide a simple solution for subcloning into various destination vectors. Transferring an insert from one vector to another can be achieved in less than 30 mins. How does it work?

The following components are included:

  • Shuttle-ready destination vector (pre-digested & dephosphorylated)
  • Sgf I (Asis I) and MluI Restriction Endonuclease (20ul at 1U/ul each)
    Sgf I (Asis I) and RsrII Restriction Endonuclease (20ul at 1U/ul each)
  • 10X Rapid Digestion Buffer
  • T4 DNA Ligase (for 10 reactions)
  • 5X Rapid Ligation Buffer
  • Water, nuclease-free
  • Product Manual
How to select the appropriate RapidShuttling Kit?   Learn More >>
SgfI-MluI Kit SgfI-RsrII Kit    
SKUVector NameDescriptionPrice ($) 
PS200001pCMV6-ENTRYRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-ENTRY (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200002pCMV6-AC-HisRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-His (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200004pCMV6-AC-HARapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-HA (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200005pCMV6-AC-DDKRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-DDK (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200006pCMV6-AC-Myc-HisRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-Myc-His (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200008pCMV6-AC-HA-HisRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-HA-His (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200009pCMV6-AC-DDK-HisRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-DDK-His (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200010pCMV6-AC-GFPRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-GFP (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200011pCMV6-AN-HisRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-His (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200012pCMV6-AN-MycRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-Myc (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200013pCMV6-AN-HARapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-HA (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200014pCMV6-AN-DDKRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-DDK (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200015pCMV6-AN-His-MycRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-His-Myc (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200018pCMV6-AN-His-DDKRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-His-DDK (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200019pCMV6-AN-GFPRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-GFP (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200020pCMV6-ACRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200027pCMV6-AC-IRES-GFPRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-IRES-GFP (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200033pCMV6-AN-RFPRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AN-RFP (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart
PS200034pCMV6-AC-RFPRapidShuttling Kit (SgfI/MluI) for Subcloning into pCMV6-AC-RFP (10 rxns)320Add to Shopping Cart


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