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Vantage™ Total RNA Purification Kit

Marligen’s Vantage Total RNA Purification Kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of high quality total RNA from a variety of different sample types without the use of phenol or chloroform.

Product features:

  1. Spin-column format allows processing of multiple samples in less than 20 minutes
    RNA Purification Kit
  2. Isolates all RNA species including large (e.g. mRNA) and LMW RNAs (e.g. miRNAs, siRNAs) RNA Purification Kit
    RNA Purification Kit
  3. Excellent yields from a variety of sample types
    Total RNA Yields from the Vantage™ Total RNA Purification Kit
    Hepatocytes1 x 10630 µg
    NIH/3T3 Cells5x105 cells4.4 µg (nanodrop)
    Serum or plasma100 µL200-300 ng
    Stem Cells50,0002 µg
    HeLa1 x 10615 µg
    MCF-7 cells1 x 10610 µg
    E. coli1 x 10650 µg
    S. cerevisiae1 x 10630 µg
    Brain10 mg8 µg
    Kidney10 mg30 µg
    Liver10 mg30 µg
    Lung10 mg10 µg
    Spleen10 mg35 µg

  4. Comparison of RT-PCR products generated from total RNA purified using Marligen’s kit, a leading competitor's kits and the Trizol extraction method.
    RNA Purification Kit
  5. Total RNA can be isolated from small amounts of sample – even from a single cell.
    RNA Purification Kit
  6. Total RNA can be purified from a diverse array of sample types including cultured cells, tissues, blood, bacteria, yeast, fungi, plants, and nasal or throat swabs.
    RNA Purification Kit
    RNA Purification Kit


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