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ERBB2 KO Cell Lysate


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  • ERBB2-knockout Cell lysate from HeLa cell ine, one vial of parental cell line lysate included as control, 100ug.
  • LC810HELA, 100ug. Included for free
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Parental cell line:HeLa
Gene Symbol:ERBB2
Other Names:ERBB2,CD340; HER-2; HER-2/neu; HER2; MLN 19; NEU; NGL; TKR1
Components: 1 vial of 100 ug KO cell lysate (lyophilized)
1 vial of 100ug parental cell lysate (lyophilized)
Storage: The lysate is shipped at room temperature. Upon receiving, store the sample at -20ºC. Lysate samples are stable for 12 months from date of receipt when stored at -20ºC. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Lysate samples can be diluted with 2xSDS Sample Buffer provided. After dilution, the protein sample should be aliquoted and stored at -20ºC for long term storage. Prior to SDS-PAGE fractionation, boil the lysate for 5 minutes.
Preparation: Parental cell lines were engineered into double-knockout lines by CRISPR technology. The double knockout genotype was verified by PCR followed by sequencing. The KO cell lysates are the cell homogenate in RIPA buffer made from the KO cell lines. The protein concentration was determined with BCA assay. A vial of lysate from the parental cell line was also included as an internal control. To facilitate transportation and protein, the products are supplied as lyophilized proteins.
Protein Families: Protein KinaseTransmembraneDruggable Genome
Protein Pathways: ErbB signaling pathwayCalcium signaling pathwayFocal adhesionAdherens junctionPathways in cancerPancreatic cancerMore Pathways >>


Gel electrophoresis results of the PCR products. Lane 1: Parental cell with P1+P2. Lane 2: KO cell with P1+P2. Lane 3: KO cell with P1+P3. Lane 4: KO cell with P2+P3.

Allele 1:1 bp deletion in exon 3.


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