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qSTAR MicroRNA Custom Primer Panels


Custom panels are offered for human and mouse miRNA in 10 or 200 reactions format for purchase. The primers are designed only to function in OriGene’s miRNA qPCR detection system. Maximum of 384 samples can be added at once and minimum of 90 samples (either unique miRNAs or replicates) are required to complete this form.

How To Order

  1. Fill out the form below using instructions provided
  2. Click Submit button
  3. Click Print Quote to PDF button on next page to save quote
  4. Use instructions in PDF to place orders

Typical turnaround time is 5-7 days

  • 90 to 384 primers $15/well (10 single use, pre-arrayed PCR plates)
  • 90 to 384 primers $35/tube (200 reactions)

Required Component with Custom MicroRNA Primer Panels--First-strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

See instructions to fill out the form.

* Project Name:
Select your Custom-Mixed MicroRNA Detection Panels

Complete list of human microRNA
Complete list of mouse microRNA

*Number of Reactions
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** Price quote is only valid for direct purchase with OriGene Technologies. Not valid if ordered through OriGene distributors.

miRNA primer panels are arrayed in 96-well PCR plates from ABgene (AB-0600) or 384-well plates from Applied Biosystems(Part# 4309849). According to the plate manufacturer, the plates will fit in the following machines:

96-well PCR Plates
Standard thermocyclers
qPCR thermocyclers
     384-well PCR Plates
Standard thermocyclers

If your thermocycler is not listed, please contact Technical Support for our customized plating service.


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