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Human IL-2 ELISA Kit (48-well)


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Product NameHuman IL-2 ELISA Kit (48-well)
Size48 wells
Gene ID3558
Gene SymbolIL2
Assay TypeSolid Phase Sandwich ELISA
Format48-well strip plate
Assay Length3 hours
SpecificityNatural and recombinant Human IL-2 Ligand
Cross Reactivity
InterferenceNo significant interference observed with available related molecules.
Sample Volume20 uL
Sample TypeCell culture supernatant, serum, plasma (EDTA, citrate, heparin)
Curve Range7.8-500pg/ml

Interleukin 2 (IL-2) is a pleiotropic cytokine produced primarily by mitogen- or antigen-activated T lymphocytes . Human IL-2 (also known as T-cell growth factor) is produced by T-cells in response to antigenic or mitogenic stimulation. IL-2 is a potent lymphoid cell growth factor which exerts its biological activity primarily on T cells promoting proliferation and maturation.

IL-2 has been found to stimulate growth and differentiation of B cells, NK cells, LAK cells, monocytes, and oligodendocytes. IL-2 is involved in treatment of cancers such as melanoma and renal cell cancer. It plays a key role in promoting the clonal expansion of antigen-specific T cells. In addition, IL-2 has also been shown to mediate multiple immune responses on a variety of cell types.

The sequence of human IL-2 cDNA predicts a 153 amino acid (aa) residue precursor glycoprotein containing a 20 aa residue signal peptide that is cleaved to form the mature protein . At the amino acid sequence level, mouse IL-2 is approximately 60% identical to human IL-2 . Whereas human IL-2 is active on mouse cells, mouse IL-2 is species-specific and is inactive on human cells. The gene for IL-2 has been mapped to human chromosome 4q .

The biological effects of IL-2 are mediated by specific cell surface receptor complexes. The functional high-affinity receptor for IL-2 is composed of three distinct polypeptide chains .

IL-2 stimulates the proliferation of thymocytes; stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of activated B cells; promotes the growth, differentiation and cytocidal activity of monocytes; induces the growth of natural killer cells and stimulates cytokine production by these cells as well as the cytolytic activity of these cells; enhances the production of lymphocyte-activated killer (LAK) cells; and induces the proliferation and differentiation of oligodendrocytes .

  • Aluminium pouches with a Microwell Plate coated with monoclonal antibody to human IL-2 (8x6)
  • 2 vials human IL-2 Standard lyophilized, 1000 pg/ml upon reconstitution
  • 2 vials concentrated Biotin-Conjugate anti-human IL-2 polyclonal antibody
  • 2 vials Streptavidin-HRP solution
  • 1 bottle Standard /sample Diluent
  • 1 bottle Biotin-Conjugate antibody Diluent
  • 1 bottle Streptavidin-HRP Diluent
  • 1 bottle Wash Buffer Concentrate 20x (PBS with 1% Tween-20)
  • 1 vial Substrate Solution
  • 1 vial Stop Solution
  • 3 pieces Adhesive Films
  • package insert
Standard Curve

Representative standard curve for IL-2 ELISA. IL-2 was diluted in serial two-fold steps in Sample Diluent.


The standard curve may vary based on the QC data of each batch. Please refer to the actual datasheet along with shipment.



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