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Antibody Service


OriGene offers many customized services for our antibody products including different types of conjugation service and novel antibody development.

  • Antibody Conjugation Service: Need a conjugated antibody that isn't in the catalog? We can conjugate it for you.
    • Biotin
    • Horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
    • FITC
    • DyLight488
    • DyLight550
    • DyLight594
    • DyLight633
    • Phycoerythrin (PE)
    • Magnetic Beads
  • Antibody Development: OriGene subsidizes joint-development programs to generate mouse and rabbit antibodies. Upon OriGene’s evaluation, the participant contributes a portion of the development cost, and OriGene will be responsible for:
    • Antigen preparation: OriGene handles antigen preparation and provides its human protein collection for immunization.
    • Mouse or rabbit antibody development
    • Antibody validations: Extensive validation is critical to generate antibodies with high reactivity for specific Immunoassays.
      • WB on OriGene overexpression cell lysate and/or KO lysate if available
      • WB on a panel of endogenous cell lysates from 7 different cell lines
      • IHC on up to 24 unique normal and disease-state FFPE human tissues
      • IF staining on a human cell line with the over-expressed antigen
      • IF staining on native cell lines

For further questions and inquiries, please contact OriGene at sales@origene.com.


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